Bath Tub & Tile Refinishing

Refinishing is one of the best options when the bathtub, shower or sink finish is worn, a color change is desired, or damage is scattered over the entire surface.

We complete bathtub refinishing in approximately four to five hours and you may begin using the surface by the next evening, saving you a significant amount of time and money.

All work is performed on-site in the bathroom area with absolutely no mess for you to clean up and may be completed in virtually any color.

The bathtub refinishing process involves scraping, washing and applying solvents to the surface, followed by etching, neutralizing and sanding. Solvents are applied a second time followed by the undercoat and two to three coats of Surface Specialists polyurethane coating.

The refinished surface will have a high gloss and be as durable if not stronger than the original surface and easy to clean.

Following proper cleaning procedures, such as using only non-abrasive cleansers and soaps, your newly refinished item will look beautiful for 10-15 years.